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Finbulance - advisory firm

Legal advisory firm specializing in financial institutions Regulatory & Compliance matters

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Finbulance - advisory firm

We provide a comprehensive range of regulatory and compliance services to the local and global financial services industry and innovative fintech businesses.

Our regulatory and compliance team will advise you or your business on a wide range of regulatory and compliance issues, including regulatory investigations, risk management, internal controls and business solutions. We’ll also help you anticipate potential regulatory issues and plan ahead to overcome them as effectively as possible.

If you’re in a regulated industry or sector, it’s vital to understand the regulations that affect your business. Therefore, we pride ourselves on guiding our Clients through regulatory requirements and help them stay compliant with practical and sector-specific advice, policies and procedures.

As experts in the financial services industry we trust our services are the best, therefore we expect to outperform your expectations and provide you with unique and tailored solutions for your business needs.

We drive for unique and custom solutions to give you an edge

Services are provided by a team of experienced lawyers, and experts in risk, sanctions and governance matters. Our professionals have more 10 years of experience and are recognized as experts in their fields.

We assists our clients in establishing and implementing compliance, risk and governance programmes not only to be compliant but also tailored to the scope of services of our clients

We performs AML / CTF assessment in order to identify where the clients are vulnerable and help your clients with establishment of  effective and sustainable AML / CTF program.

We identify the shortcomings in the sanction risk management and help your clients with the establishment of  effective and sustainable sanctions programmes 

We assist our clients in corporate and commercial governance of their business. From capital increase to the drafting of the contracts. We are one stop solution for every need.

We assist our clients with the licensing process of the Electronic Money Institutions and Payment Institutions. From the start to the operations we shall be there for you.

We assist our client with the cryptocurrency authorization, implementation of the internal control systems as well as compliance with other requirements applicable to the cryptocurrency service providers.

We assist our client with tailored and customer trainings in Risk, Compliance, AML and Governance. Trainings are tailored to the services of our client and the risk our client is exposed to.

We perform audits for the obligated under the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. 

We assist, evaluate, perform and inform in the need of solution

No matter what services you a looking for, be sure, we will assist you with your needs.